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29 August 2030 @ 02:53 pm

Previously 'alphanomical'.

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29 June 2013 @ 06:20 pm
Korean studying was going pretty well. Well, until I somehow overstudied by studying every single day and found myself burnt out on Wednesday. I think I overloaded myself. I don't think it would have been too bad had I been continuing with the self study as I work at a very leisurely pace, but having added in two 1 hour Korean classes to that mix, where I learn a lot of Korean vocab and at least 3 new grammar points per lesson, it was a bit too much.

So after taking a much needed break on Wednesday and doing some light studying on Friday, I decided that I would introduce 1 day a week where I wouldn't study Korean. I also decided that the same day should be mostly free from chores, giving myself absolute freedom to do whatever I wanted. Saturday seemed like the best day as I'm now inclined to count it as the end of the week. I've also now explained to friends that going out of a weekday was going to be a lot harder and that meeting up of a weekend might be better.

The break has been nice, but it's made my fingers itch for my Korean flashcards. I almost took my Korean/English edition 'The Little Prince' to a nearby cafe with me, instead of Book 3 of 1Q84, because I felt that desperate to study. But it would probably be too much work for me to read at the moment as I'd end up having to do stopping to look up words just to read it. When I've completed some other flashcard sets and teaching myself the past tense, I will probably start making my way through it.

I've been advised against studying hard and then taking a day off, but as studying every day is causing me problems, I think it might be better to give myself a break. At least that way I have some time to remind myself what I want to do and to hopefully renew my motivation for doing so.
19 June 2013 @ 08:35 pm
So apparently my brain has become completely addled after the ridiculousness that was trying to get a ticket for Infinite's concert yesterday. The whole site went down for an hour and I'd get through to get a seat only for the whole thing to crash all over again. Somehow I got one though!
And apparently I suddenly have an hour to 'waste' so I'm going to fill in a meme, because memes are fun and excellent procrastination devices.

1. Why Korean?
Because of the syllable '대' (dae). This was back before I realised that hangul was completely phonetic and therefore much, much easier to learn than Japanese or Chinese characters. I worked out that the 'dae' Daesung of Big Bang's name and Sonyeoshidae (Girls Generation) were basically the same and which syllables they were. I was interested in k-pop and I'd wanted to learn a few languages before so it was pretty much a 'why not?' Of course things have changed a lot since then and learning Korean is now much more beneficial to my current situation.

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